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The Must Do Fall Lawn Care

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


Keeping your lawn free and clear of any debris will ensure that it will be able to breath and have access to those necessities; light and water. Leaves make great addition to a compost and layering in food scrapes and leafs can lead to great soil.

Floral Beds and Gardens

Remove anything looking dead including any annuals that have past their blooming for the season including any fruit or vegetables. By keeping the soil fresh from dead fall it will encourage healthy soil and give it some resting time for the winter. Keeping bugs and insects away and by having clean gardens this will reduce the amount of unwanted guests.


When the weather gets cold we all seem too move a little slower. This is the same for trees and hedges. Pruning when they are in a slower state is a healthier choice. Also keep in mind with winter coming keeping falling debris makes for a safer home.


Getting fertilizer down on your lawn as it becomes less active and while we are in our rainy season this will get the fertilizer to where it needs to be. Fertilizing in fall will give the root system a healthy startup come spring time.

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